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About Us

The Clark Farm has been home for the Clark family for the past 129 years. Located in south central Illinois and purchased by a civil war veteran in 1890, it has been passed down through five generations with land stewardship being a family tradition. Technology has changed but their reverence for the land has not. The relatively small farm produces organically raised  grass finished beef and other livestock but what makes it special is the hand made natural form furniture that it produces from the old trees in the rolling wooded acres on the farm where Steve Clark runs a small sawmill and very selectively harvests wood for his furniture.

Since the timber has only once been commercially logged 75 years ago and then only minimally, Steve has access to a variety of old hardwoods with outstanding grain and character. With the help of mother nature, Steve transforms the aged wood into works of art. Respecting the methods of master craftsmen, he uses very few modern fasteners, brackets or screws in his benches or tables, most often utilizing wooden pegs to secure the joints, all done by hand.  Most of his custom furniture is finished in natural tung oil to enable benches or tables that will be used outdoors and exposed to inclement weather to later be treated with a marine varnish or polyurethane finish once the wood has acclimated to the climate of its final location.

Steve is also a folk musician, a builder of log cabins and he and his wife Leanna are both artists working in acrylic paint.


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