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Building a Slab Bench

Building a slab bench using mostly 19th century woodworking tools.

When we do our jobs right this is the final product!

We start at the saw mill where the lumber is cut.

Another view of the mill at The Clark Farm

We start by splitting the leg blanks with a froe. A froe is an old type of axe used  to split log with the grain.

More froe work

More froe work

Here we are hewing a leg with a draw knife.

Here we are further hewing the leg.

Here we further shape a leg with a leg rounder.

Further rounding of the leg top.

Here we use a brace and bit drill to create the holes for the legs.

Using the brace and bit to further drill the top for the legs.

Here the leg hole is finished after being reamed by the barrel hole reamer.

Further reaming with the barrel hole reamer.

The leg is in place and ready to wedge!

Here is the finished bench with legs installed. When wedges are used to secure the legs they are ensured to stay in place.

Art by Steve Clark

Custom furniture by Steve Clark